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[Review] Puzzlebeams by Blue Candle Games

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Puzzlebeams is an Android puzzle game by Blue Candle Games. You use laser beams to push colored balls into holes of the same color. There are 40 levels. The game is ad supported, but ads can be removed for a small fee. You can get the game here.


You are presented with a game board which features colored balls, colored holes and laser emitters. By swiping, you activate the lasers pointing the direction you swiped. The lasers push the balls in the direction they fire. The balls retain a little bit of momentum after you shut off the beams, but the collision detection on the beams is pretty generous, so you never get into a position where you hose yourself by having momentum carry your ball slightly too far.

There are 40 levels in the game. So far I’ve been through 20 of them. The core mechanics do not change much. Some removable walls are introduced and a couple of levels have moving walls. Other than that, it’s just slightly more complicated arrangements of the same pieces over and over. A game this simple doesn’t really need more mechanics. I think it was a good design call.

Puzzlebeams has a casual feel. The levels are very short, progress is automatically recorded. I like that the game can be picked up for a minute or two, played and put away. The game play is simple and engaging enough to become addictive. I found myself pulling my phone out of my pocket and playing it every time I was waiting in line for something. I have absolutely no doubt that I will finish all 40 levels.




The graphics are very simple, which I like. This game doesn’t try to dress up it’s gameplay with a bunch of overdone¬†graphics, or unnecessary particle effects. 2D sprites over a simple background gives Puzzlebeams a board game-esque feel, which I really enjoyed.


Sell level packs to up the level count. I would pay to extend this game to 80 levels, without question.

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